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Avoiding IT will not make IT go away.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Until you face what you are running from, you will never truly be free.

For years I avoided putting myself out there for the world to see. Playing it safe behind the scenes. Only sharing what I wanted people to know and see about me. Even with work, I used to shy away from praise and down play my brilliance because I wasn't comfortable with the attention.

Years of doing this took its toll on me and had me repeating that role in other areas of my life. Now as I begin to step out of the shadows and really showcase my talents, skills, experience and share my voice, I find myself retreating when my limiting beliefs pop up such as...

  • 'I'm not good enough'

  • 'I don't have enough experience yet'

  • 'I don't belong'

  • 'People don't want to hear what I have to say'

  • 'People will laugh and judge me'

Again, I'm saying this to help someone else. Because I can trace each and everyone one of these limiting beliefs to a childhood experience that took up residence in my subconscious for so long.

Much of my journey over the last 18 months have been rediscovering 'Who I Am', 'What I Want', and 'Why Do I Want It'.

It has been taking a look at the pieces of my life and creating peace out of it.

It has been checking my atmosphere to make sure conditions are suitable for growth; and if it is not...getting the hell out of there.

It's looking back over my life and celebrating everything that I've achieved, overcome and survived...knowing that I have what it takes to achieve everything my heart desires.

It all starts with making a decision. And my decision is to no longer hide behind the false reality that I need validation from people to pursue what only God has anointed me to do.

I am f*cking dope...

I'm a beast when it comes to marketing, branding and public relations. If you can think of it...I've done it...I've put in the work over the last 14 years...worked with some of the top brand and businesses in the world...

I've landed clients in over 100 media places such as Forbes, Black Enterprise, USA Today, Huffington Post, ESPN, The Undefeated, etc. totaling over 329 media impressions. I've developed and created over 42 marketing campaigns; consulted, launched, mentored, and advanced over 500 businesses, brands, entrepreneurs and influencers.

I've made mistakes...I've accomplished great wins...and yes, the first client I signed to my company The D2 Group was a 6-figure client...

I'm saying this because we tend to shy away and down play our achievements...all of this happened for me because I put in the WORK...even in the midst of battling my own thoughts and fears I kept pressing didn't happen overnight but when the opportunities started to flow...I was ready...and it wasn't just about the experience but more about my mindset... Who I was, How I showed up, How I treated others....the consistency of my character created opportunities and opened doors that no resume could.

And those lessons developed the knowledge, experience and insight I share with mentees, friends and clients has led to people, some of whom I don't even know, clients and friends to call me an oracle of yes, I am The Brand Oracle. Because being a brand and a business is much more than products and services...It all starts with who you are and it shines from the inside out.

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All the best until next time,

Derek Ross

Founder, Rules of Ross

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