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You Can’t Solve What You Can’t See.

And many of us can’t see the power that resides within us.

We are walking solutions for the pains and problems people are facing in their lives and businesses.

The issue is we are so stuck in our own mess that we haven’t been available to fully step into the clarity of our purpose.

Here is a little secret…we don’t have to find our purpose…we are our purpose; which means our mess is our message, and our message is created from the experiences that help to shine a light on the purpose that’s buried deep down inside of us; but has been covered up by the clutter from the storms of life.

Purpose is a process. Each experience shapes us, teaches us, connects us, so when we get to the other side of those experiences, we’re able to add a new piece to the puzzle called our purpose. Each piece uncovered from the piles of clutter or from lessons passed down from mentors, expands the puzzle to give us a clearer view of the picture.

And as the picture becomes more and more clear, the more confident and assured we become because we are starting to see the purpose that’s always been there. And only when we’ve passed a test can we then become testimonies for those who are assigned to us to serve.

I’m here as a reminder to you that you don’t have to go looking for something that’s already within you. Your purpose has been waiting on you to stop looking on the outside for it because it has been inside of you this entire time.

My prayer is that this post today has helped to open your eyes to see the power that resides in you. Sometimes it can be hard to get clear with so many things that are going on in our lives; the busyness of life and business; but I’m here to support you in clearing out the clutter that had been blocking you; all you have to do is ASK.

Until next time, be blessed.

Derek Founder, Rules of Ross

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