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Peace From Pieces

Yo, what's good? Welcome to Peace from Pieces. I am so excited that you're here. What is Peace for Pieces? 


Peace from Pieces is an inside look of my personal journal. We have countless experiences over the course of our lives and those experiences help to shape our character, to mold our identities, and help us build a foundation in which we stand on as we pursue our calling, as we uncover the purpose for our life. 


I believe that our purpose is already buried inside of us and as we live our lives, we have experiences that teach us lessons that help:


•           to strengthen our character

•           to sharpen our skills

•           to enhance our knowledge

•           to expand our connections

•           and to elevate our understanding, our wisdom and our clarity. 


And I like to look at these experiences as pieces to a puzzle, right?  Your puzzle…and my puzzle.


And as we move these pieces around and put them together, we begin to uncover the vision of our purpose for our lives. 


And that's what Peace from Pieces is. It's a 31 day devotional and I'm sharing 31 pieces of my life that I have been moving around for the past couple of years and some of those experiences happen as a result of me just living, both personal and professional, right? 


The Dad that I grew up with, I found out at the age of 34 was not my biological father. A business that was my dream business had become a nightmare; had now become a burden. I was unhappy, stressed, depressed, and I couldn't figure out why; and some people in my life who were friends that I thought had my back, I had to start letting go as I started to elevate and starting to move in a different direction.


And as all these things are happening, I'm trying to figure out what in the world is going on. And as I'm moving these pieces around to try to gain some clarity, to try to gain some understanding, I began to journal. And as I began to journal I began to get clear on how these experiences were teaching me lessons that I need to go to the next level, to the next chapter of my life.


And that's what this devotional is. It's me sharing those lessons with you, tips, takeaways, tools to help you to look at your experiences a little differently, right?  To help you find the lessons in the blessing, right…In the experiences. 


They always say that your mess is your message, well sometimes we can't see it. And so hopefully me sharing this…these experiences of my life with you will allow you to look at your experiences a little bit differently.  Something that you can take away from what I went through that can help you on your journey to uncovering your purpose and the bigger picture for your life that you are in pursuit of.

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