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Rules of Ross

What is 'Rules of Ross'?

'Rules of Ross' is my weekly conversation with you.

My intention was to create a platform that inspires, educates, and empowers those through the lessons gained from my personal and professional experiences; to share the wisdom, knowledge and understanding passed to me and experienced by me to others who can benefit from its value.  How my failures and mistakes have led to great moments of enlightenment and empowerment.

I have worked with dynamic brands, alongside influential industry professionals, extraordinary award-winning agencies, professional athletes, and celebrities, but some of my most valuable lessons have come from what I've learned about myself. Lessons like:

  • How to stand up for myself?

  • How to receive constructive feedback?

  • How to be vulnerable and open to others?

  • How to forgive?

  • How to work with others even when you do not particularly care for them?

  • How to trust your instincts even when others feel differently?

Everyday I'm experiencing new lessons, encountering challenges, and facing obstacles that continue to refine my character, grants me understanding, and adds to my reservoir of wisdom and knowledge.  I want to fill you with fuel to follow your dreams. 



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